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Job Summary

This is a full-time position in an office setting with office hours of 8:30 to 5:00 as well as holiday and work during inclement weather required.


The Quality Assurance registered nurse position promotes the physical health of clients in their home(s) by applying the nursing processes. The position is a member of the interdisciplinary treatment team and has the goal of assisting clients to assume responsibility for their health and gain independence. The position coordinates and monitors medical services as prescribed by a physician, medication regimen/compliance, educates on disease process/management, monitors safety, coordinates additional disciplines (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, and Medical Social Work) in accordance with the requirements of regulatory agencies and in response to individual resident needs.

Job Responsibilities

  • Participates in the admission of new clients.

  • Clarifies initial or hospital discharge medication orders and contacts the physicians to review the client’s status and medical treatment plans.

  • Develops plans to ensure that the medical health care needs of clients are met. This responsibility includes:

  • Quality check OASIS assessments and make sure all appropriate paperwork is turned in. (Legal forms, consent, medication profile, Braden Scale, D/C papers from the hospital, MD script for a referral to Home Health Services, etc.)

  • Input all OASIS assessments.

  • Create 485/POC

  • Create new care plans as needed based on primary/secondary diagnosis of a patient.

  • Fax all 485s and Verbal orders to appropriate MD.

  • Print out a monthly log of due Recertification and/or Discharge OASIA assessments for each nurse to keep on file for themselves and for QA nurse to monitor and track progress. (Good to do last week of each month –Antonio and Sue May Knight receive a fax with recertification information).

  • Keep a log of who turns in paperwork when and in a timely fashion. Keep all paperwork up to date and accurate.

  • Case manage for all RN’s

  • Participate in new employee orientation (clinical aspect).

  • Manage all PT/OT/MSW and Wound Specialist referrals.

  • Review nursing visit notes are complete, information is thorough and that all notes are handed in on time for payroll.

Job Responsibilities (cont.)

  • Create correction logs for RN to sign (based on any and all corrections made to OASIS).

  • Verify MD information (PECOS), MD license #, etc. and update system as needed.

  • Review all Physical Therapy notes and have weekly conferences with PT re: patient list/patient problems/issues.

  • Input all referrals into system and handle any issues that should arise from that. (Script from MD, unknown insurance, etc.)

  • Manage any Skilled Nursing department incoming calls/issues r/t patient care, nursing, etc.

  • Submit completed and locked OASIS assessments through CMS on a weekly basis.

  • Trouble-shoot any issues that may arise from CMS submission/transmittal.

  • Communicate regularly with RNs and PT staff – get report on SOC, help trouble-shoot /guide them with any issues or questions that may arise while out on the field or if they inquire about something in the office.

  • Hold weekly case management review meetings with RNs and PT re: case load, status of patients, orders, etc.

  • Communicate with Pharmacy re: available PPD serum, pick up PPD serum when necessary.

  • Administer PPDs for all necessary persons (1-step and 2-step)

  • Check/read PPD results and document all PPDs given and results. Pass along completed PPD to HR.

  • Perform quarterly reports r/t Incidents, Infection Control, and Clinical Record Reviews.

  • Create In-Service information/material regarding improvement plans r/t results of quarterly reports.

  • Create yearly assessments/reports of aggregated data for the year (incidents, infection control, and clinical record review).

  • Field work required if necessary.



  • RN degree

  • Minimum two years experience working as a registered nurse, including some medical experience and awareness of the needs of people with chronic mental illness.

  • Homecare experience preferred

  • Additional Eligibility Qualifications

  • State License as a Registered Nurse

  • Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license, maintain automobile insurance coverage and have access to an automobile.

  • Bilingual capabilities a plus—Spanish, Russian, etc.


Ethical Conduct:

  • Personal Effectiveness / Credibility.

  • Thoroughness

  • Time Management

  • Nursing Skills

  • Spanish Speaking is a plus

MARSCare Home Care believe that the home is the optimum setting for living, and sometimes healing, so we are delighted to help our clients live safely and comfortably in a warm and familiar environment.

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